Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Night Before

At first I was skeptical about creating a blog documenting my travels abroad because I simply didn't think anybody would be interested. To my surprise, I've received several requests from friends and family members to create a blog about my time abroad. I will do my best to post pictures and provide you all with regular updates.

I've got a long day of traveling ahead of me, and I'm already frustrated with packing. I'm only allowed to check one suitcase which must be under 50 pounds (unless I want to pay $100 more).

For the most part, I think I'm ready. I've only been pouring myself into this adventure for a year and a half. I have 4 file folders filled with information that pertain to all things abroad. The hardest part I think will be missing everyone from home. ESPECIALLY my pets. But in the end, feeling a little homesick will make my homecoming all the more enjoyable.

So with that, its time to rest up. Adiós everyone!

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