Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Yesterday was my 21st birthday and I'm so blessed to have spent it in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Although I was bummed to not see my family for the first time on my birthday, it was still a great day! We celebrated with a birthday dinner at the top of Las Arenas, the old bull fighting ring that is now a shopping mall. My first drink as a 21-year old was a very expensive piña-colada that was not very good.

After dinner we headed down to the beach to go to the Ice Bar. We have been planning to go to the Ice Bar ever since we arrived here, and saved it for my birthday. It was kind of expensive but it is more of a one-time thing for the experience and some great pictures. We got a free drink with our entrance and they gave us giant coats and gloves that made us look like astronauts.

The bar was actually very small, I felt like I was in the freezer at work
The bar was cold, shocker I know. It was -11º C when we entered. I didn't feel cold though until after they gave me my drink because even the glasses were made out of ice. My glass of course had a hole in it and was dripping everywhere. The lady gave me a new cup and re-made my drink but it tasted similar to nail-polish remover so needless to say, I didn't finish it. Since it was so cold we were only able to stay inside for about 45 minutes.

After the Ice Bar we went to another bar and then eventually to a club. Overall I had a great night! It was amusing seeing people react to my crown. It must be an American thing to wear a crown on your birthday because everyone thought I was engaged and was having my bachelorette party!

The night before Olga had made me a special birthday dinner complete with cava (Spanish champagne) and homemade cake. She also gave me a cute little bracelet that I will cherish forever.

Overall it was a fantastic 21st birthday spent in the most amazing country with some pretty spectacular new friends :)

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