Saturday, January 12, 2013

Making this house a home

Its official, I can now say that I have experienced a Barcelona soccer (fútbol) game. It was amazing!! The stadium is GINORMOUS. We didn't get to see the star player Mesi play though because they were playing a team that wasn't very good and Barca was expected to win by a lot, which they did. The crowd was so fun to be with, they were very intense! They loved to scream and curse out at the other team's fans, and the protesters. Barcelona has very vocal inhabitants, so they protest A LOT, there was a huge group of protesters at the game. It was also interesting that they only serve non-alcoholic beer in the stadium. This is because in the past people have gotten way too drunk, and someone threw their cup at one of the players and seriously hurt him.

The following day the we took a bus to Girona, a historic town North of Spain. We took a tour of the city and it was so beautiful. A lot of history has taken place here, especially concerning the Jewish people. After our tour, we had a 3 course lunch. (Lunch is the main meal here in Barcelona, not dinner). It was so delicious, I for dessert I tried Flan (it was okay, but not my favorite).

After our time in Girona, we traveled about 40 minutes to the Savlador Dalí museum. All I can say is wow. This guy was absolutely nuts, I definitely think he had a mental disorder of some sort. His art work is so out there.

This is Dalí's wife
But it is also Abraham Lincoln
This is a man or a woman depending on how you see it
This is an entire room that is supposed to resemble a house, the bathroom is on the ceiling

This is an outdoor exhibit Dalí designed and it plays with the reflections on the windows from inside
The outside of The Dalí Museum

Today was finally our first day that we had to ourselves. Emily and I decided to walk from our home stay (I have switched housing), to Park Guell. This was the number one place I wanted to go in Barcelona, it was so beautiful. The Mosaics are amazing. 

A cat just hangin' out in a store

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