Tuesday, January 15, 2013

¡Pura Vida!


Thought I'd give a quick tour of my new home. I switched from the dorms to a home stay because I was lonely and I wanted to be with my friend Emily. It's working out great, I have my own room, my house mom is THE BEST! Her name is Olga, she's 46 and she lives alone in the apartment. She is a tour guide and she speaks 4 languages -she's fluent in English. She cooks us dinner every night and it is amazing, I mean really amazing!

My bedroom -so roomy compared to my dorm room!
Other side of my room
Living room
Dining room
Kitchen -its so cute!
The hallway -my favorite part of the house is the massive bookshelf filled with travel books!
The entry way

This apartment is a bit nicer than the average apartment here in Barcelona. We are living in a more upperclass type neighborhood. Most people don't have a washer and a dryer. We also have a maid that comes every Tuesday! I love my keys to the apartment because they're skeleton keys, they look so neat!

Things have calmed down a bit. I'm no longer active 247 which my body is happy about! We started classes on Monday and they are going really well. I got moved from my Spanish class because I needed a higher level but they did not have an intensive class (which is what I want) for a higher level, so they created a class for me!! I'm the only one in it, which is awesome because my Spanish will greatly improve!

I've befriended a little old man who owns a café right near school. I go everyday and I practice my spanish with him. His name is Herminio and he is awesome! He doesn't speak English so I've taught him a few words: olive, salad and his name in English (I think), Herman.

Walking back from class today I heard all of these crazy birds and I was confused. I looked up and there were 20 or so beautiful fat green birds that looked like parakeets. We had seen one earlier in the week but thought it was someone's pet that had escaped. I asked Olga what type of birds they were because I had never seen them before. She told me they were parrots! I'll have to post a picture next time.

I also ran into a stray cat. I've been going crazy without my pets so I proceeded to follow the cat and try to pet it. It was not in very good condition so I tried to go find it some cat food. I'm hoping the cat lives in the neighborhood because I want to adopt it as my stray cat pet. I named him Pepito :)

Tomorrow Emily and I are going with Olga to the her gym to take a belly dancing class. I absolutely cannot wait for that!

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