Monday, April 1, 2013

The fairy tale that we call Prague

So after an incredible time in Paris with my Dad and Darci, I flew out of Paris Monday night and headed for Prague to meet my good friend from my program Bryn. I arrived there around 11:30PM so I basically checked into the hostel and then went right to sleep. 
That morning however, we woke up early to get a jump start on the day. We began our adventures by checking out The Easter Markets. Obviously, these markets are not around all year, but we happened to be in Prague right before Easter so we got to check them out.
Fried cheese -yum!

These fried dough things rolled in brown sugar over a fire -delicious!

Overlooking the city center/ The Easter Markets
They may have cheap prices, but their money is so confusing! 

First meal -along with some goulash soup
Testing out the local beer

We then made our way across the famous Charles Bridge to the side of Prague that they consider the newer side. Here, we signed up to take a segway tour around the city! We thought it would be so cool to ride segways. We missed the group tour because we got lost but they set us up on a private tour for only a few crowns more.
It's not possible to fall on a segway -thats what attracted us to this tour.

The two bronze placs mark the water level of 2 major floods. Everything was underwater. The higher one took place in 2002 

The John Lennon Wall- This wall was originally a gigantic portrait of John Lennon  in 1988 where young people would come and express themselves. This was the only wall where they could express themselves as they were under severe repression. Today, the Lennon portrait is long gone but the wall still symbolizes peace and love. 

Overlooking the beautiful city

The Prague Castle
The Dancing House -It's supposed to look like a man and a woman dancing
Our segway tour lasted about 3.5 hours. Prague was freezing cold so even after wearing two pairs of paints, 2 pairs of socks (one pair being wool), gloves, a scarf and a hat, I was frozen solid. By the end of the tour we were absolutely miserable. The nice tour guide saw how cold I was and actually gave me the jacket off his back. When we finally got back, I was so cold that I was nauseous. I've never been that cold before in my life. The segway tour was awesome, but I'd definitely only recommend it for warm weather!!

The next day we explored on our own a bit. We walked over The Charles Bridge and checked out all of the vendors selling art and jewelry. We had even been hoarding our free sandwiches from the hostel and handed them out to homeless people we stumbled upon. 

That evening we were signed up for two tours. One was an Underground tour of Prague which explored the underground rooms, cellars and catacombs from the 12th century. This tour was actually really interesting. It took place underground and was heated so we were warm the entire time which was great! I especially enjoyed the tour because we were given lanterns and toured the underground in the dark. The underground is subject to a lot of paranormal activity so the darkness added to the excitement  We were encouraged to take pictures with flash to see if we caught anything. This tour was very informative and historical -we really learned a lot about the history of Prague.

After our underground tour we grabbed a quick snack and waited for our second tour to begin. This tour was a ghost tour. They're kind of lame, but I'm fascinated by this kind of stuff so Bryn was nice enough to humor me. Our tour guide was really funny which made our tour much more enjoyable. This tour took place outside but since we were moving and it was only for 2 hours we were okay.

This castel is said to have inspired Disney's Cinderella Castel
Prague's famous and complicated clock
Our wonderful ghost tour guide; His job does not require him to wear the cape.
The building on the right is where Mozart played some of his symphonies.
On our last day in Prague, we did some shopping. In fact, we even bought a big bag and planned to check one of our suitcases to make room for our purchases. That's dedication if I've ever seen it! I bought quite a few things I didn't need but nonetheless love them. 
I can't get over the fact that the whole place looks like its out of a fairy tale! 
The Easter eggs were all hand-painted and beauttiful 
Barça runs the world.
These sticks are an Easter tradition where the men run around chasing their women and hitting them with them. Afterwards, the woman is expected to give him one of the Easter eggs. Good thing I don't participate in this, all he would get from me is a black eye!

Honey wine!

Thinking of Mom!
After shopping, we ate at our now favorite joint in Prague -Bohemia Bagel. This is a chain restaurant that sells delicious bagels and food and unlimited coffee. For some reason bagels are very rare to find in Barcelona and therefore we ate here 3 times... After resting that afternoon we hopped on a 5 hour long bus ride with a man snoring in my left ear the entire time and set off for our next stop, Munich.

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