Monday, April 1, 2013

Munich -The Beer Capital of the World

And now onto our final destination -Munich Germany.

We arrived to Munich late at night so once again we went straight to bed to rest up for the next day. On our first day, we woke up early and headed towards the town center, Marienplatz. We got to see the famous clock that I found very similar to Prague's clock. These people love their clocks apparently. We wandered around the little side streets for a while exploring. It was so cool because everything was just so German. We grabbed a quick bite to eat. I got my a German beer of course, this one was a russ beer lengthened with lemonade! I also got a delicious potato and cheese soup.

We learned that the location of where the girl ties her bow on her dirndl represents her relationship status. I encourage none of you to ever tie your bow in the middle -you will never be left alone.

After lunch we jumped in on a free walking tour. Whoever started these tours was a genius! They're solely based on tips -so the tour guide has to give a good tour if they ever want to make any money! Our tour guide was awesome, and so incredibly smart. He took us all over Munich telling us as much information as he could within a 3 hour time block. He could not stress enough how much the people of Munich love their beer. Everything, including historical events always somehow went back to alcohol consumption.
Hitler gave many of his speeches halfway up these steps 
There used to be a sign here that supported The Nazi Party. Everyone was forced to give the Nazi Salute to it. If they didn't they would be beaten and put on a list and even thrown in jail.
1 week ago the statues placed on top of these columns mysteriously disappeared. If rubbed, those 2 statues were supposed to bring you love and good weather.
This is the street where a big gun-battle took place while Hitler was attempting to overthrow the government. Directly front and center infront of the police, Hitler would have been shot had his body guard not tripped over someone's body and landed directly on top of Hitler -taking 5 bullets in the back and saving Hitler's life. How things would have been different...
This is a memorial that commemorates the brave people who would avoid doing the Nazi salute and bravely walk down this side street instead, knowing that there were Gestapo waiting to question them.

It's important to know that it is now illegal to give the Nazi salute in Germany. If you are caught giving the salute, you will be taken into custody, questioned, and fined a large sum of money. You will then immediately be taken to the airport and flown back to your country where you will not be permitted to come back for a number of years. You will also be placed on a list for the rest of your life where they will investigate you.
According to our tour guide this is "the most screwed up royal family to ever exist". He went down the line and in detail described just how crazy these people were. For example, one was convinced that she swallowed a glass piano, and one was convinced that he was a chicken for 2 years....
This guy for example, is known for having sex with anything and anyone. He tried to sleep with everyone in his entire kingdom. In order to keep track of who he had slept with, he hired a painter to sneak into his bedroom at night and paint the sleeping women. There are hundreds if not thousands in storage now.
He was also known to have every STD possible (obviously). Medical historians have traced back specific STD's and have linked him as the beginning source.
Rubbing this statue helps you to do good things with your life
Rubbing this statue brings you a long life. 
The Hofbräuhaus is the world's most famous pub. Back in the day, they didn't even have bathrooms so the drunken Germans would pee on the floor. They eventually installed toilets under the tables so the men would never loose their seat if they went outside to pee. Now I can safely say that they have proper bathroom facilites.
Also, this is the birthplace of the Nazi Party. 
This is a doggy parking space. Dogs are allowed in almost all stores except for pharmacies. So where do you put your dog then? You simply park it outside...

This statue of Juliet is known to bring love to whoever rubs her and places a flower in her hand. Can you guess where they rub her?

After our tour Bryn and I headed to The Hofbräuhaus to try the beer. It was this huge hall with big long tables -similar to a dining hall. I enjoyed my 1 Liter beer, the only size option available, and met some really nice German folk.

1 of the 6 major local beers of Munich
Germans and their drinking... 

That night we had an authentic German meal at Augustiner Braü, which is another famous local beer. There are several Augustiners in town. I ordered an Augustiner of course, which I've decided is one of my all time favorite beers. Of course they don't import it... we also ordered two different types of schnitzel and apple stroodle for dessert. All I can say is incredible. I can say with confidence that this was one of the best meals I've ever had.

The following day we took an all day tour of Dachau Concentration Camp. I will dedicate a separate post to that experience as there is a lot to say about it and I also want to give my readers the option of easily skipping over that post if they so desire. 

After our time visiting Dachau, we had another authentic meal at another Augustiner except this particular restaurant had an entirely different menu! I ordered german sausage with vegetables and mashed potatoes, delicious!

In the end, Munich was amazing! I really really enjoyed Munich. I learned so much here and I really appreciated how open and honest Germany is about their past. There is so much to Munich that people don't ever really take the time to learn about or see. I enjoyed Munich more than most of the places I've visited so far; It's definitely one of my favorite places so far and I highly recommend considering Munich as one of your travel destinations. 

I can't even comprehend how blessed I am to have spent this entire week traveling around Europe and following my dreams of seeing the world. I'm so grateful for this experience and I feel that I have learned so much and have become so much more informed about current and past events. My world is so much larger now and I don't think I'll ever find the words to explain just how grateful and blessed I feel.

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