Sunday, February 17, 2013

Barcelona is my playground

This past week was so great and not to mention productive! I've conquered many more places that are on my "To See" list which makes me feel better since I don't have another weekend in Barcelona for a couple weeks due to trips.

On Friday I spent the day with Lyndsay exploring. I'd been wanting to go to Poblenou Park which I've read is absolutely gorgeous. Being 55 degrees, we forgot that it was winter here and quickly realized we'd come during the wrong season. It was kind of amusing in a way.
This is what it is supposed to look like
This is what is actually looked like...
Afterward, we checked out one of the famous Gaudí houses -La Pedrera. Its 15 Euro to get in so we just enjoyed it from the outside.

We then had the most amazing meal at an authentic Mexican restaurant complete with a Mariachi band and everything. We finished the night by going out to a few bars and clubs.

On saturday I met up with my intercambio partner Raquel. Basically, I meet up with her every week and we go somewhere (like to a cafe, or to a movie) and I practice my Spanish with her. Raquel is so so awesome too I love to hang out with her. Her roommate is partners with one of my friends here so we all got together and went on a little hike to Bunkers Parc del Guinardó which is an old war bunker from the 19th century that has the most amazing view. Its also awesome because the tourists don't know about this spot so its not touristy at all.

The amazing view you can see The Sagrada Familia out there

On a clear day you can see all the way to the ocean 

Raquel and I

That night I went to a weekend long festival called Les Festes de Santa Eulàlia. Santa Eulàlia is a co-patron saint of Barcelona. This festival celebrates her short life -she was subject to 13 brutal tortures by the Romans. We watched the light show where they project lights onto an important Catalan government building and synch it to music. It was SO cool and so beautiful!!

Heres a clip of what it was like!

Today we went to another portion of the festival. We caught some of the parade in which these gigantic people come down the street. I'm assuming that they each represent an important person. Then we finally got to see the famous Castellers!!

The towers of 3 all moved from one end of the plaza to the other

They shake like crazy!

I didn't realize how many people they have supporting them underneath and on the sides. Theres a huge group of about 50 surrounding them. They have a very organized system.
Here are some a my favorite pics from the week:
I absolutely love looking at all of the local artwork
My favorite doughnut at Dunkin' Coffee, not Dunkin' Doughnuts, Dunkin' Coffee.
The animals are our friends, don't mistreat them.
The most beautiful and peaceful walk I took on Valentines Day
Just a clown getting ready for the day

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