Tuesday, May 21, 2013

21 Things I Will Miss About Barcelona

A list of 21 things I will especially miss about Barcelona. Why 21? Because 21 is my favorite number, and if I didn't have a cut-off, the list would go on forever.

1. My spit-fire Spanish mom, Olga and her amazing cooking.

2. The family I formed with the wonderful people I met in my program.

3. Pan con tomate with every meal.

4. Not having to question if everyone is a Barça fan while watching the game.

5. The boxer who sits at the store window next to school.

6. Herminio, my favorite café owner who helped me with my Spanish.

7. The walk back to my house.

8. Belly dancing with Olga.

9. The beach.

10. The baby sleeping bags.

11. The culture.

12. The view from Las Búnquers.

13. Getting lost on Montjuïc.

14. This strange tease "Dunkin' Coffee" that doesn't taste like Dunkin'.

15. My favorite doughnut at Dunkin' Coffee -yes, Dunkin' Coffee has doughnuts...

16. Walking down Las Ramblas.

17. Barrio Born and Parc Ciutadella.

18. Meeting for coffee with Raquel.

19. Finding beauty in every corner of the city.

20. The incredible night life.

21. Experiencing strange things on the metro.

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