Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kiss me, I'm not Irish

After London, we set off for Dublin, Ireland. Let's just say, it was the first time that I did not want to go back to Barcelona just yet, and we all know how in love with Barcelona I am!

So, we arrived in Dublin around 8pm on Friday night so we weren't able to really dive in. We checked into our hostel -even the people at the desk were amusing. Everyone was already so friendly and kind and we'd only been there for about an hour! After we checked in we headed out to get something to eat. We found ourselves in a traditional Irish pub. I got a delicious meal complete with an Irish ale -no idea what the name of it was. Afterwards we checked out the bar scene which was a really good time. We met some awesome people. Their accents are so cool. It's so funny because they're speaking English but at times you have no idea what they're talking about.

The next day we toured The Guinness Brewery!! It was huge! I think there were 5 massive floors. It was a self-guided tour that showed you the step-by-step process for making Guinness beer. When we reached the top we were taken to a little class that showed you how to pour the perfect pint. After pouring our beers, which was a little different than just pouring a regular draft beer, we had to let it sit for a few minutes so it would settle. Afterwards we received a little souvenir certificate that basically said we were a "certified" Guinness pourer and got to drink our perfect pint.

Missing Thunder -he would hate that hat though
There were 5 massive floors!

Becoming a Guinness pourer! -my golfers will love this!

The Gravity Bar was on the top level and had an amazing view of Dublin!
We then went and saw a few famous sights in Dublin including St. Patrick's cathedral and the outside of Kilmainham Gaol which is a very famous and very old prision. Of course we arrived right after they accepted the last people to go inside so we only got to admire it from afar. 

The prison -its haunted btw ;) 

St. Patrick's Cathedral

That night Emily and I went on a ghost tour. I'd been dying to go on a ghost tour in Dublin since Ireland is one of the most haunted places in the world and I love that kind of stuff. The tour was unbelievable. It wasn't really scary, but it definitely was entertaining to say the least. Our tour guides were actors, one was a ghost and one was a zombie. The bus was a double-decker, all decked out with spooky decorations. I was laughing the whole tour, it was so much fun!

Our bus driver
Our awesome tour guide! 
The bus!
Free shots at The Gravedigger's Pub
Outside the prison
The bottom level of the bus 

On our last day in Dublin we took a half-day tour of Malahide Castle and saw the east coast. It was really cool to get out of the city and see the beauty of Ireland. The castle was so interesting too, it was so old. 

Malahide Castle

So basically, Dublin was the time of my life. I definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about going. The people there are so nice and the nightlife is fabulous for young people. I plan to go back and give Dublin a proper visit and see the Cliffs of Moher and Wicklow. Like I said, when Sunday rolled around, I wasn't ready to go back to my beloved Barcelona just yet -and that says a lot in itself. 

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